Best Foods To Eat Before and After CryoSkin Treatments

To ensure you get the best possible results from your Cryoskin sessions, there is one very important piece of the puzzle you’ll need to complete on your own…

…and that is steering clear of sugar.

Sugar is not your friend, before, during, or after your Cryoskin treatments. This is because sugar essentially feeds your fat cells, creating new ones in place of the ones that have already been destroyed by your Cryoskin Slimming treatment. Not ideal, right?

For at least two hours before and after your Slimming treatment, Boca Raton chiropractor Dr. David Lipman, tells his patients to avoid having any sugar at all. In addition to this, he also recommends to maintain a sugar-free lifestyle to supplement your treatments.

This even includes the natural sugars found in fruit. Although you might think of fruit as a healthy snack, the truth is, many kinds of fruit are known for their higher sugar content. Your best option for fruit is something that ranks low on the glycemic index, such as berries, as these have the lowest amount of sugar.

At best, you should focus your diet on vegetables and protein, and foods with high fiber content. The more fiber found in a food, the slower the sugar will build in your bloodstream.

We understand that not everyone can completely cut sugar out of their diets for good. In this case, Dr. Lipman suggests paying close attention to the Glycemic Index, and consuming mostly foods that are lower on the scale. If you are unfamiliar with the GI Index, it measures how a carbohydrate-containing food raises blood glucose. Foods are ranked based on how they compare to a reference food — either glucose or white bread.

Low glycemic foods include things like 100% stone-ground whole wheat, oatmeal (rolled or steel cut) or muesli, legumes, lentils and non-starchy vegetables.

These are the best types of food to consume on the day you’re having a Cryoskin Slimming treatment done.

Dr. Lipman is available to answer questions regarding your eating habits during your Cryoskin treatments. Give us a call at 561-674-1217 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lipman and our Cryoskin technician to go over all the Cryoskin dos and don’ts.