Can CryoSkin Freeze Away Fat?

Can Cryoskin really freeze away fat? How does it work? Does it last?

When someone tells you that there is a non-invasive treatment that can freeze away fat and help you lose inches in some of the most troublesome areas, we know there are bound to be a lot of questions. Boca Raton chiropractor Dr. David Lipman can answer these questions for you, and also show you that with Cryoskin, you don’t need to second-guess yourself.

The proof is visible. Our Cryoskin experts at Physical Evidence Chiropractic take careful before-and-after measurements and photos to show our patients how physically evident their results are.

Every patient is different and has different body types, so it is important to understand that the results will vary from person to person. Some may only see a slight change, at a quarter to half an inch, while others may see a much more significant difference, at one and a half to two inches. But each one of our patients does see a difference, and the results keep getting better if they continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with their Cryoskin treatments.

So how does this non-invasive fat-loss technology work? There is a science behind the technique, called the “Peltier effect,” which gives Cryoskin precise temperature control, creating the perfect conditions to destroy fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue.

The Cryoskin treatment starts off with a two-minute skin warming period, which allows for water molecules within the fat cells to expand, thus swelling the fat cells so they rise to the surface. This is followed by a rapid decrease in temperature, thus beginning the 12-minute cold treatment. This process is called Apoptosis, which refers to the cell death that occurs when the fat cells are swelled by the warming phrase, and then burst during the freezing phase. Once those fat cells have burst, they are regarded as waste by the body and flushed out through the lymphatic system — and they are gone for good.

So, the answer to your first question is yes, Cryoskin can freeze away fat.

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