FAQs About CryoSkin

There’s something new and exciting going on at Physical Evidence Chiropractic…

Ready to lose the fat that’s hiding underlying muscle? The Cryoskin craze has taken over Boca Raton! This 28-minute slimming treatment uses cold temperature to reduce unwanted localized fat and reveal the muscle beneath it. There is also a toning treatment that can firm and lift various areas of the body and help eliminate visible signs of cellulite.

Cryoskin is the answer to those stubborn inches that just won’t budge, even with all that time spent in the gym. Even those who live a healthy diet and lifestyle can struggle with extra inches around the waist, arms, and thighs.

With Cryoskin, all of these areas and more can be addressed. 

Our clients see real results immediately after their first visit. Intriguing, isn’t it? This is one weight loss treatment that’s free of any and all gimmicks and false advertising. It works, and we have the measurements and photos to prove it!

To prepare you before your first session, Boca chiropractor Dr. David Lipman is here to answer the top three most frequently asked questions about Cryoskin.

  1. How does Cryoskin work?
    The slimming treatment consists of three phases of thermal/Cryo shock that first inflames the fat cells, and then destroys them. The body then naturally eliminates them through its lymphatic system.
  2. What’s the difference between Cryoskin and Coolsculpting?
    Although they may seem similar, there are many differences between these two treatments. 1. Cryoskin shows instant results, whereas Coolsculpting takes about twelve weeks to show progress.
    2. Coolsculpting also can sometimes hurt, while Cryoskin feels more like a soothing massage — in fact, 88% of those who have tried it say they’ve enjoyed it just like they would a massage.
    3. Coolsculpting can be incredibly expensive, costing up to $4,000 in total. Each applicator costs roughty $600-$1,000 and most people will need four applicators. Cryoskin is a much more affordable treatment. At Physical Evidence Chiropractic, one session is $350, or you can purchase a 5-pack for $1,500, making them each only $300.
  3. How often can I do a Cryoskin treatment?
    The slimming treatment can be performed once every 15 days. There is a reason for this particular time frame in between treatments, and that is because when apoptosis (the process of programmed cell death that occurs in multicellular organisms) occurs, there is waste formed in the body. The body needs this amount of time to naturally eliminate this waste via the blood, lymphatic system, and urine. The toning/lifting treatment, since it does not involve the killing of fat cells, can be done once every seven days.

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