Common Foot Pain Causes

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We all need our feet every day, so when foot pain occurs, it can be very disruptive. Dr. Lipman provides treatments to relieve foot pain from Physical Evidence Chiropractic in Boca Raton, Florida.

What are the most common causes of foot pain?

Foot pain is a common complaint, becoming more common as people get older. Some of the most common causes of foot pain include:

  • plantar fasciitis
    osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • neuromas and other nerve-related issues
  • diseases that affect circulation, including diabetes
  • heel spurs
  • bursitis
  • tendinitis
  • plantar warts
  • bunions and hammertoes
  • corns and calluses
  • ingrown toenails
  • fractures, sprains, and strains
  • arch-related problems, including flat feet and “fallen” arches
  • gait-related problems
  • repetitive stress
  • being obese or overweight
    shoes that do not fit properly or do not provide adequate support

Many causes of foot pain are related to injuries from slip-and-fall accidents or sports injuries, especially from sports that cause significant impact to the bottoms of the feet.

Chiropractic for Foot Pains

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How can a chiropractor help relieve foot pain and the symptoms of plantar fasciitis?
Chiropractors can help relieve the pain and stiffness of plantar fasciitis by optimizing the neural pathways in the feet, heels, and ankles, as well as improving circulation that is necessary to heal tissues that have become damaged due to persistent inflammation or constant pressure. Plus, chiropractic techniques are also aimed at reducing inflammation and swelling which can also compromise healing. Deep tissue manipulation and therapeutic massage can be used directly at the site of pain and inflammation to promote optimal healing for both immediate and long-term improvements.