If You Are Stressed Out, Your Spine Will Be Affected

Stress is a universal evil that lives in every human body! Especially during this COVID-19 outbreak, we are more likely to work from home and spend most of our time inside the house. This affects our active habits, and we have started feeling more stressed than the pre-pandemic situation.

If you are suffering from back pain due to stress and work pressure, our chiropractor can heal your soul. At Physical Evidence Chiropractic: David Lipman, DC, we have professional chiropractors to offer ultimate physical ease.

Major 3 Kinds of Stress We Have Come Across With

·       Emotional Stress: Emotional stress is perhaps the most pathetic strain that hampers mental stability and physical status. If your mind is not free of anxiety, your soul won’t be empowered. In fact, during this pandemic situation, human souls are severely affected by global uncertainty. 

·       Physical Stress: Physical stress can take place for several reasons. Whiplash injury for reckless driving, sudden fall, wrong sleeping position, overtime gardening, and lack of sleep can cause physical stress. Furthermore, the work-from-home system is also promoting physical stress as the workers sit for long, maintaining the same position.

·       Chemical stress: Chemical stress can arise by malnutrition, unhealthy fats, alcohol, preservatives, pollen, and other items that affect the spine, nervous system, and muscles.

·       The gravitational stress: This is the most uncommon stress that every one of us often neglects. We are subjected to gravitational pressure, even during our sleeping time. We can easily win over this stress if our body muscles, joints, and alignments work correctly. But things can turn worse anytime. 

Does Gravity Affect Our Spine? HOW?

To understand this logic, you will have to inspect the X-ray report of your spinal cord. A complete inspection will tell you about the four spinal curves. People with spinal joint subluxation or dysfunction, arthritis, disc degeneration, back pain have spines that respond differently than healthy spines. Gravity affects the integrity of the bones and declines human health. As the bones start decaying, the human body provides calcium salts after observing the instability.

How Do The Spine Response At Zero Gravity

If you think that weightlessness will reduce the issue, then you are mistaken. As per the research of NASA, zero gravity affects the stiffness of the spine. No wonder, without the help of experienced chiropractors, it is an arduous task to relieve the spines from stress. If you are having back pain, contact Evidence Chiropractic: David Lipman, DC, and we will improve your health with our skilled hand-movements.

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