Membership Wellness Packages in Boca Raton

Experience a transformative journey at our bio-optimization center. Whether you're looking for an improved quality of life, increased energy, pain and inflammation relief. We are dedicated to guiding you on the path to optimal health. Our focus is to help you reset, restore, and recover. We offer comprehensive wellness packages designed to address your specific needs, including knee pain, back pain, neck or shoulder pain. Ask about our cell-boosting protocol and how we can help you with your nutrient deficiencies. Together we can make sure you feel your best and optimal self at a cellular level.

Glow Bar Membership

2 Facials

2 Whole Body Vibrations

4 Red Light Therapy sessions

Glow up every day! Enjoy 2 facials, 2 whole body vibes, and 4 red light therapy sessions with our Glow Bar Membership. Time to stimulate collagen production and unveil a radiant, youthful glow.

The Essentials Membership

1 Realignment


1 Shockwave session

4 Redlight


It really is everything you need! Try 1 realignment, 1 whole body vibration, 1 shockwave, and 4 red light & PEMF sessions. Achieve holistic balance, from physical alignment to mental rejuvenation.

The Superhuman Protocol Membership (3 step process)

  1. PEMF
  2. Oxygen
  3. Redlight

Feel superhuman! Tap into the power of PEMF, oxygen, and red light therapy with our Superhuman Protocol Membership. Say hello to more energy, and goodbye to inflammation. Experience enhanced mental clarity and overall vitality.

Vitality Membership

3 Cryotherapy sessions

2 Redlight

1 Compression


Time to experience #Vitality! Freeze your pain away with 3 cryo sessions, 2 red light sessions, 1 compression session, and 1 whole body vibe. Relax, recover, and rejuvenate while enjoying improved circulation for sustained vitality.

The Tune-Up Membership

2 Realignments


4 Redlight

Everyone needs a tune-up. Enjoy 2 realignments, 4 PEMF sessions, and 4 red light sessions with The Tune-Up Membership. Time to get grounded, back in balance, and experience the added benefit of improved flexibility.

The Fire & Ice Membership

1 Cryotherapy sessions


4 Redlight

No heat, all heal with our powerful red light bed! Get 1 cryotherapy session, 4 PEMF sessions, and 4 red light sessions in The Fire & Ice Membership. You deserve the best recovery—your body and cells will thank you. Plus, enjoy reduced muscle soreness and faster recovery times.

Pickleball Membership: Assessment

6 Shockwave

6 Class IV Deep Tissue Laser

8 Cryotherapy sessions or 8 Redlight Therapy sessions

Get back in the game with expert care from Dr. Lipman! Stay in the game longer and recover faster with our specialized therapies to help prevent and heal Pickleball-related injuries.

Pickleball Membership: Enhanced Performance

  1. PEMF
  2. Oxygen
  3. Redlight

Plus 4 Compression Therapy sessions for hips or legs

Use the superhuman protocol to enhance your Pickleball game! Tap into the power of PEMF, oxygen, and red light therapy.