Cellular Micronutrient Testing In Boca Raton

Fortify Your Deficiencies & Make Sure You Are Not Taking The WRONG Supplements For Your Unique Body!

Functional Nutrition Testing Boca Raton

Micronutrient and Dna

You are a unique individual.
Your Supplement & Nutrition Plan Should Be Too!

Technology has advanced to the point where we can test your specific genetic markers. DNA methylation toxicity testing combined with micronutrient testing enables us to find out what deficiencies you currently have, what raw materials your body can and cannot convert properly and then create a customized supplement & wellness protocol that will "check the exact boxes of your unique genetic makeup!"

Functional nutrition testing will reveal genetic factors that could be contributing to your symptoms and robbing you of optimal health. It will also reveal the path to properly support your body for overall wellness.

This is the next step in removing obstacles and fortifying deficiencies based on your precise genetic makeup with the exact micronutrients that will work for your unique code!

Nourish Your Cells
For Optimal
Health With

Test Your Genetic Codes

genetic testing boca raton

Through our micronutrient & DNA testing you are able to find genetic factors that could be leading to symptoms & health challenges such as anxiety, depression, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, musculoskeletal pain as well as a host of other conditions.

Once we have your unique test back, our team of experts will help you to understand your genes and create a unique wellness plan just for YOU and YOUR genetic makeup!

Actionable Results Unique As You Are


The micronutrient & DNA testing allows us to create a unique plan just for you!

  • Methylation Detoxification
  • Fortify Your Deficiencies
  • Improved Immune System Function
  • Individualized Nutrition Guidance
  • Micronutrients To Add & Avoid
  • Understand Your Unique Genetic Factors

Dr. Dave's Personal Experience With Micronutrient Testing


I was extremely excited to learn that I am able to analyze my genetic biomarkers to know where my body lacks the ability to convert important raw materials so that my body can function optimally. Additionally I was able to test the intracellular content of my nutrients and was very surprised to find out that as much as I thought my lifestyle was supporting optimal health based on this information that I was able ascertain through testing, I found that I have quite a few deficiencies due to my body's inability to process nutrients properly. From this information I was able to obtain a custom supplement blend in the forms that I needed for my body to fortify the deficiencies that exist. After only three weeks on the supplement regimen, I am already seeing and experiencing improvements in overall energy, mental clarity and even sleep patterns. I look forward to continuing this journey to optimal health now armed with this new information.

Micronutrient Testing Can Change Your Life!

Understand Your Genetic Factors! Fortify Your Personal Deficiencies! Increase Your Health & Wellness! Ready For Your Micronutrient Testing? Submit Below For A Free Consult Now!