Mistakes to Avoid When Sleeping If You Want to Improve Your Spine

Back pain is the primary reason why most people visit the chiropractor for assistance. Some people suffer from pre-existing spinal health conditions, and others suffer from pain as a result of poor sleeping habits. 

Back pain is caused by how you sleep, where you sleep, and, most notably, what you do at night while sleeping. You need to change your mattress after five or seven years, especially if you are prone to suffer from back problems. Replacing your mattress can help in easing back pain. If you purchase a mattress, make sure you pick one suitable for your sleeping style. It is crucial to test the firmness. If you experience back pain, it is vital to get a medium-firm one. It should be not too soft nor too hard

Sleep postures will affect people who experience back pain. If you want a healthy spine, it is advised that sleeping on your back will help. Also, using a pillow just under the knees will give you more support. You need to stop sleeping on your stomach if you do. It will force you to turn, which can aggravate the back pain. You need to understand the sleeping position that allows you to sleep without problems. 

In the meantime, here are mistakes to avoid when sleeping if you want to stop feeling pain in your spine.

Sleeping Without a Pillow

Most people will choose to sleep in a bed that doesn’t have a pillow, but if the head is not in line with the spine, you will feel neck and back pain the following day. If pillows are not ideal for you, then you can use a folded towel to support your head when you are sleeping. Meanwhile, if you use several pillows when you sleep, you will have health problems. The objective is to be in a neutral spot so that the spine is not affected. 

Sleeping on Your Belly

Sleeping on your stomach will shift your spine to a difficult position for several hours, causing severe back and neck pain. According to research from Cleveland Clinic, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach if you want to avoid back pain. If you are used to this sleeping position, you should make an effort to change so that you can enjoy sleeping. 

The Spine is Not in a Neutral Spot

If you sleep in a position that exerts pressure on the spine, you will eventually experience back pain. You will have to choose a mattress that allows you to sleep better and allow the spine to be in its natural position. When you are relaxed, the spine is always in its neutral spot. It will not be bent. If you sleep on a mattress that dips in the center, the spine will be bent when you sleep even when you sleep in the best sleeping position. 

So, if you are experiencing back pain, it is crucial to analyze how you sleep. Your sleeping position may be causing the pain. But if you are not convinced, you should visit https://go.physicalevidencechiropractic.com/

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