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If you have landed on this website page the chances are good that you have been referred here by one of the thousands of patients successfully treated by Dr. David Lipman, a pioneer in bio-optimization with over 30 years of experience! Dr. Lipman’s treatments, modalities, and protocols were developed to help his clients to functionally restore their bodies. Treatment options are based on your initial assessment during your first office visit.

On this page you will find a diverse group of men and women providing their heartfelt testimonials describing their experiences and treatment outcomes. Our patient testimonials cover functional restoration, bio-optimization, re-balancing from an injury. Many of our clients work specifically on injury prevention, conditioning and strength training to get ready for the next time they play pickleball, tennis, or go out for a round of golf.

Pickleball Action at the Net

Our practice is one of only two locations in South Florida offering the Superhuman protocol which consists of three specifically integrated and sequenced modalities. More and more serious athletes, including open players from Pickleball, are using Superhuman to work on their conditioning , injury prevention, and recovery.

The three different modalities making up Superhuman include:

  • Magnetism with PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy)
  • Exercising with Oxygen therapy (EWOT)
  • Optimizing with Red Light Therapy

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Please consider contacting our practice for a complimentary initial assessment and consultation. This can be accomplished by filling out the form fill on this page, requesting an in-person office appointment, calling our office at 561-674-1217, or requesting a 10-minute tele-med appointment using Zoom.