Prolotherapy in Boca Raton

Natural & effective in treating every joint in the body, specifically shoulders, knees & hips!

Effective pain relief in joints 

Excellent treatment for microtears in ligaments and tendons

Stimulate the natural healing process

Non-surgical option 

Prolotherapy has been shown to be safe and very effective in treating:

Arthritis Pain


In Orthopedics: Prolotherapy has been shown to be safe and very effective in treating almost every joint in the body. Most commonly: Knees, Shoulders, Hips, Necks, Ankles, Feet, Elbows, Hands and Wrists.

Orthopedic Ligament & Tendon Injuries

Shoulder joint pain

It is extremely effective in treating any torn ligament or tendon in the body including: Rotator Cuff, Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis and Golf Elbow (Tommy John Injury), Hamstrings, Groin Strains and Pubic Instability.

Orthopedic Joint Instabilities

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Prolotherapy is also effective in treating: Orthopedic Joint instabilities such as Sacroiliac Instabilities, Unstable Ankles, Chronic Shoulder Dislocations, Dislocated Knee Caps, Bicep Tendon Instability, and Hyper Mobility Syndrome (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome).

Herniated Disks, Spinal Stenosis, Carpal & Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Morton’s Neuroma, Fibromyalgia, Nerve Entrapment Syndrome, or TMJ.

What is prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a Regenerative Medicine procedure to treat chronic musculoskeletal conditions. It involves the injection of a solution, typically containing an irritant such as dextrose, into the soft tissues, ligaments, or tendons at the site of pain or injury. The principle behind prolotherapy is to stimulate the body's natural healing processes to repair and strengthen weakened or damaged areas.

Pain Relief: By stimulating the healing process, prolotherapy can reduce pain associated with chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

Increased Functionality: Improved strength and stability in the treated area can lead to enhanced functionality and range of motion.

Non-Surgical Option: For those seeking alternatives to surgery, prolotherapy offers a less invasive option.

Stimulating Natural Healing: Unlike treatments that merely offer symptomatic relief, prolotherapy aims to address the underlying cause of pain by promoting natural healing.

Potential to Reduce Long-Term Medication Use: By providing a more permanent solution to musculoskeletal issues, it might reduce the need for ongoing pain medication.

Useful for Various Conditions: It is often used for treating chronic conditions like osteoarthritis, tendonitis, and other joint and ligament problems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy Is Effective So You Can Do The Things You Love!

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