The Best Ways to Support Your CryoSkin Treatments

As with any diet and exercise regimen, you must make it as much a part of your regular lifestyle as possible in order to maintain desirable results.

Cryoskin works the same way.

Although its immediate visible results may make this non-invasive fat loss technology seemlike a quick-fix for those stubborn inches and cellulite dimples, there are things you need to incorporate into your everyday life in order to continue on the path of success.

Boca Raton chiropractor Dr. David Lipman recommends two key ways to best support your Cryoskin treatments and get the most optimal results.

Stay hydrated and minimize sugar intake.

When it comes to hydration, Dr. Lipman suggests drinking approximately half of your body weight in ounces each day. Within the days after a Cryoskin slimming treatment, you’ll want to add an additional 20%, which helps the body as it works to flush out the destroyed fat cells that must be eliminated from the body. Even if you aren’t currently going through Cryoskin treatments, hydration is essential for your overall health. Without proper hydration, the body may not function the way it is supposed to. It also assists in athletic performance and weight loss.

Staying away from sugar is extremely important to do if you truly want to see results from your Cryoskin treatments. On the day of your slimming treatment, do not consume any sugar for at least two hours prior to your appointment, and for a minimum of three days following. This will help to prevent insulin from rising in the bloodstream, which would create new fat cells. If there is no new insulin being formed, there is no new fat being formed either!

Sugar essentially feeds fat. The whole reason you came to us at Physical Evidence Chiropractic for Cryoskin treatments in the first place is to get rid of fat, right, so don’t put anything in your body that will discourage that from happening!

It’s time to throw away those gummy bears, stock up your pantry with water bottles, and give us a call to schedule your first Cryoskin appointment!