The Importance Of Spinal Curves

Importance Of Spinal Curves

Your spine serves a series of functions, and to be able to serve that purpose exceptionally, it has to maintain a particular shape. This is why you need to visit your Chiropractor if you notice anything strange about your spine. When viewed from the rear, the human spine should be straight. However, some individuals suffer from a disease called scoliosis. Scoliosis is a pathological condition whereby an individual has abnormal lateral curvature of the spine. From the side, a normal, functional, DNA healthy human spine should have four curves, namely: Cervical Lordosis (forward), Thoracic Kyphosis (backward), Sacral Kyphosis (backward), and Lumbar Lordosis (forward). 

The cervical lordosis is situated in the neck region, the thoracic in the chest region, the lumbar in the lower back region, and the sacral in the waist region. They all serve different purposes and move differently. 

There’s a common misconception among many Chiropractic patients. They believe that a straight spine is a healthy spine. Perhaps, you are also one of those with this kind of belief. The truth is that this is false. If you speak to your Chiropractor, they will tell you that ideology is wrong. The typical shape of a spine is what was described above. 

The spine will fail in carrying out all or some of these crucial functions if it doesn’t have the proper curves. A healthy spine should have an “S” curve shape from top to bottom. The curve allows the spine to adapt to different body posture; hence, it is why we can adjust our back as we like. However, children are born with a different spine curve shape. The shape of the children’s spinal curve is “C.” The shape remains like that until they begin to crawl. Gradually, as they begin to raise their heads up, the ideal shape of the spine begins to form. As they start to walk, the four curves of the spine will eventually be formed.

Listed below are some importance of the spinal curvature:

They Dictate Proper Posture

The job of maintaining accurate posture while standing and sitting are made possible by spinal curves. An Ideal curve helps to increase the range of motion, improve balance, improves muscle strength, and stabilizes muscle. Therefore, any alteration from the spinal curve can result in back pain or future trouble. 

Reduces Pressure Between Vertebral Discs

Since the Discs are not stacked on top of each other, the mass of the vertebra at the top is not directly rested on the one below it. The curves in the spine, therefore, help to reduce pressure between vertebral discs. When a vertebra on top bears a load, only a portion of the weight will be shouldered by the one below it. 

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