Why Sugar is Not Your Friend While Under CryoSkin Treatments

Before coming in for your Cryoskin Slimming treatment, it’s important that you do not consume any food or drink that has sugar in it for at least two hours. It’s also crucial to remain as sugar-free as possible for the three days following your treatment if you really want to see optimal results from your session.

Sugar is not your friend during these treatments, and there is a real science behind the reason why. Boca Raton chiropractor Dr. David Lipman explains that “sugar causes the production of insulin, which is then secreted into the bloodstream.”

Insulin’s main function is to regulate our blood sugar levels. It does this by attaching itself to the sugar molecules in our bloodstream, and then carries those sugar molecules to our muscles and liver to be stored as glycogen, which can later be used for energy that our body needs. This is especially prevalent during times when we are exercising and our working muscles are in need of extra energy.

Sure, this all sounds fine and dandy. In fact, it sounds downright helpful to our body. So why is sugar the enemy during Cryoskin? There’s more to the story…

Dr. Lipman goes on to explain that, “Insulin can also transport blood sugar to adipose tissue, which simply means our body fat. When the insulin reaches this tissue, it is then converted to fat and stored as new fat cells.” There you have it — sugar can create new fat cells in the body.

If you avoid sugar, you decrease the opportunity to induce the insulin response, therefore, decreasing the chance for new fat cells to be created.

Sugar not only feeds your sweet tooth cravings — it feeds your fat cells too.

This does include naturally occurring sugars as well, like the ones found in fruit. It doesn’t necessarily mean this type of sugar is bad for you, but if consumed close in time to a Cryoskin treatment, it may hinder your results. Basically, it all comes down to the body’s secretion of insulin in response to sugar found in the blood stream, which promotes new fat cell creation.

All sugar, natural or not, is still sugar.

While you’re working hard to get rid of the fat cells through your Cryoskin treatments, it’s highly recommended to stay away from sugars. Not only will this help you to reach your desired results from Cryoskin, but it’s good for your health overall. Excess sugar in your diet can cause health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Want to learn more? Dr. Lipman is available to answer your questions and concerns regarding your sugar intake while doing Cryoskin treatments. Contact him today at 561-674-1217.