Your Body On CryoSkin

Once you’ve experienced your first Cryoskin treatment in Boca, you’ll never want to turn back. When you actually see a visible change in your body, you will become even more motivated to continue in that same direction, as results just keeping getting and better.

The science behind the Cryoskin slimming treatment is really quite simple once you understand how it works. The machine causes a thermal shock due to its ability to alternate quickly between periods of both warming and cooling the skin. The heat is applied for two minutes on the area of the body being treated, which allows for the fat cells to rise to the surface (think back to elementary school science class when you learned how heat rises). Once these cells are at the surface of the body, the machine cools down to a much colder temperature and targets the area during a 12-minute treatment that feels very much like a cold massage. This “massage” makes these fat cells burst, and causes the body to dispose of them as they do waste.

It’s reasonable, and very likely, to see anywhere from a half-inch to a two-inch change in measurements during just one 28-minute slimming treatment. These immediate results have the potential to enhance over the next two to three weeks while the body is working to get rid of the fat cells that were destroyed during the CryoSlimming procedure. You can expect to see skin that looks healthier, smoother, and tighter after that first treatment, and those positive effects will be even more pronounced when you continue with treatments. For best results, Boca chiropractor Dr. David Lipman suggests at least three to six sessions.

Another way to ensure you see the best results in your body is to combine the CryoSlimming treatment with CryoToning, a treatment that uses only cold temperature to create a widening of blood vessels to increase collagen production and break down cellulite. For this treatment, Dr. Lipman suggests three to five treatments, but he does also like to note that it’s important to also implement changes in your diet and exercise routine to avoid the return of that unsightly cellulite.

Sometimes we hear about fat loss treatments that sound amazing, but never quite meet our expectations. With Cryoskin, you can expect the best — and you will get the best. The rapid results make it very motivating for patients to return again and again, and even continue with treatments after the recommended five or six sessions.

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