Your First CryoSkin Session: Before and After

There are some things in life that never tell a lie. Before-and-after photos are one of them.

Before-and-after photos are a large part of the Cryoskin experience here at Physical Evidence Chiropractic, a top chiropractic office in Boca also offering Cryoskin and Whole Body Cryotherapy. Before starting your Cryoskin slimming treatment, our Cryoskin therapist will take your measurements and document them in a photograph. She will take photos after the treatment has been completed as well. This way, your results are literally staring right at you. Whether you’ve lost half an inch, or two inches, the results are clear as day.

The results are physically evident.

So how does this Cryoskin slimming treatment work so well? It’s all due to the thermal shock caused to your body by the Cryoskin machine, which alternates rapidly between periods of skin warming and cooling. First, heat is applied to the part of the body being treated for two minutes. This heat allows for the fat cells to rise to the surface of the skin. At this point, the temperature of the device decreases and begins a 12-minute cold treatment which quickly targets those fat cells, causing them to burst. Your body will then regard them as waste and discard the fat through natural bodily functions.

In that first session alone, you will see results right away. Not only does it show in numbers of inches, but you will feel that your skin is also tighter.

While we do not take measurements for the Cryoskin toning treatments, since this is more for tightening and toning the skin to reveal the muscle below, the before-and-after effects are just as impressive. The toning process increases the production of collagen, which will help to smooth out and tighten the skin. This is when those abs that have been hiding below fat pockets all this time will start to show themselves, and cellulite wrinkles will dissipate. With toning, your results will be much more noticeable a day or two after your treatment.

Boca chiropractor and Cryoskin expert, Dr. David Lipman, recommends 3-6 sessions in order to get the best possible outcome from your treatment.

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